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Things I’m glad I bought: Lansinoh, HPA Lanolin nipple creamsj. X

I’d forgotten the nipple pain involved at the start of each feed when you begin breast feeding. I had actually hoped that having only had 6 months off since J it wouldn’t happen this time, but it has.

Thankfully I haven’t forgotten this stuff. It may be annoyingly sticky, but Lansinoh Lanolin for sore nipples helps more than anything else I’ve tried.

“Number Two” baby joined us at 8.30am on Valentines Day.

He is a beautiful baby boy, 7lb 10, whose name also begins with a J. Since I’ve always called his big sister J, at the risk of being confused with a Britvic beverage I will now call our beautiful boy J2. Actually I can’t do that to him, he sounds like a robot! He can be JC.

Having been induced with J I really didn’t know what to expect, so when I was woken at 3 am by pains I went to make a sandwich thinking they were probably Braxton Hicks. Eventually at 4 or 5 I woke my husband and when we called the birthing centre at 6 ish they said to come in and get checked over. By then the pains were pretty strong.

On arrival at GWH soon after 7 we still weren’t sure if we’d be staying and since we had J in tow we couldn’t even bring the hospital bags in. A checkover revealed that I was 6 cm dilated and that the baby would not be hanging about so K went off to get a Granny on the road from Wales and interim childcare help from nearer by.

As it turned out J was to witness the whole birth.

I finally got the waterbirth I had wanted so much last time! Within minutes of getting in the pool (which really does ease the pain, although of course it is still agony!) I was ready to start pushing. K had to watch J and comfort me. While she was a little distressed to see me in pain she was amazing, even stroked my head. I dont think kids are allowed at the birthing centre at all, but it all happened so early and so quickly that no one else could get there to look after her.

I feel so lucky to have had such a wonderfully quick birth in my dream setting and to have a beautiful, healthy baby boy who I’m now holding while I type with one hand.

Can anyone recommend a baby/ toddler thermometer that actually works?

We’ve spend over £70 now on two thermometer/ thermometer sets and neither of them satisfactorily does the simple job they are meant to do.

The “multi- purpose” (BabyDan?) one just doesn’t work and the Philips Avent set is no good because our one year old won’t keep the dummy in her mouth for the excessively long time it has to stay there.

I’ve heard some ear ones are brilliant but I don’t know which they are. This is such an essential item and J is currently very very hot, but I don’t know how hot!

The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital MonitorImage is almost perfect. True, I haven’t tried any others, but for our day-to-day needs we couldn’t ask for a much better baby monitor.

When J moved in to her own room at 3 months it was really reassuring to be able to see her on the monitor as well as hear her. That’s still useful now as ascertaining whether or not she’s crying in her sleep prevents us from bursting in, waking her up and upsetting her even more!

You can press a button and talk to your baby to try calming them without even going to their room. The battery life on the monitor is easily long enough for an average evening in or for a late night, then just pop the monitor on the charger next to you when you go to bed.

The camera can be steered around and zoomed remotely from the monitor in case the baby moves about. I’ve been told you can add another camera and split the screen on the monitor if you have another baby, but haven’t checked.

The temperature reading seems to be very much affected by her body heat, I’m actually not sure if it’s meant to show baby or room temperature!

The range of the monitor seems to be excellent. The picture remains clear both in the garden of our Swindon Victorian terrace and through the thick walls of the Grandmas’ Welsh cottages.

My only criticism would be that on more than one occasion when we’ve gone away for a night and not taken the plug in lead for the camera, the battery life has been useless. Take the plug in with you!

This was not one of our “bargain” purchases for J, but it has certainly been one of the best. I justified the cost with the theory that she spends half her little life asleep at the moment. This monitor allows me to relax or get things done, happy in the knowledge that she’s safe.

At the moment the Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Monitor is available online for £119.99, but the RRP is £166.00.

The following weaning talks will be held by Butterflies Children’s Centre, run by their Health Visiting Team: 

Wednesday 20th June 10am – 11am at Bridlewood School – ‘Preparing to Wean’ 

Wednesday 18th July 11.30am – 12.30pm at Bridlewood Primary School – ‘Now you are weaning’ 

If you wish to attend call: 01793 722984 to book your place as numbers are limited. 


This starts today! Get down to Drove 10 or soon after if you can- mainly filling out forms today apparently, but there’s a creche from next week!

Originally posted on swindonappy:

Netball Classes at Drove from June 12th

Netball Classes at Drove from June 12th

There will be netball classes at Drove Children’s Centre near the magic roundabout for 6 weeks starting June 12th!

I’m told there will be a crèche… Netball will be every Tuesday from 11am-12pm but you need to get there at 10am the first week to complete paperwork.

I’m really disappointed that this clashes with Baby Sensory, but may ask if I can come late. Haven’t played netball since school and it sounds like a hoot!

You can see the full timetable of activities at Drove this summer by clicking on “Activities” on the Drove Children’s Centre webpage.

Image courtesy of The State Library of Queensland.

View original

Croft Children’s Centre, Old Town, Swindon- May Timetable…. for your viewing pleasure…

Croft Children’s Centre, Swindon May 2012 Timetable


Child proofing- J and I need to stop “jamming” with our saucepan drums!

I’m just starting to look in to child proofing and have learned from an article Child proof safety 101 on Amazon that you shouldn’t drum with pots and pans as your baby may later see them on the stove and try to grab them. That makes real sense. Whoops! Tupperware drums it is…

Café Art is one of the most baby friendly places I’ve been in Swindon, in spite of the fact that it has no baby change.

As the weather warms up (with what I hope will be the exception of this week!) the lack of baby change becomes less of a problem given that the public baby change across the street will become more useable.

I am probably preaching to the converted to some extent, but if you haven’t yet discovered it, this Old Town Café is great for parents with non-walking babies for a number of reasons.

Although it’s occasionally very busy when I go there (mornings seem to be busier) mid to late afternoon it is often quiet, meaning you get a choice of seating. Much of this is sofas with space next to them for buggies.

The staff are very friendly and understanding and have helped to create space for us in the past. So far other customers have also been thrilled to be eyeballed, then smiled at by the babies too.

It seems fairly uniform for pregnant and breastfeeding women to have a sweet tooth. Café Art does excellently on the cake front. There’s always a great variety to choose from and they sometimes have little taster bits up on the counter.  Another bonus for the summer is a selection of iced coffees for those of us allowed a bit more caffeine again now.

There’s so much for curious little eyes to take in. The massive windows look out on to Victoria Road including a bus stop. J is happy staring out of them for ages, smiling at people waiting for buses and just watching the big wide world go by. They also have lights which seem to fascinate babies- those ones actually IN the ceiling.

Finally there’s the actual “Art” of Café Art. The premises are shared with a framing business and the café is filled with a variety of styles of picture. It’s mainly modern, fairly commercial stuff.

In colder weather the lack of baby change really is a shame, but it didn’t stop me being a fairly regular visitor all autumn/ winter. I wouldn’t even consider trying to change the baby in one of those tiny cubicles, but my friend did manage it on Monday!

The only other downer is that they seem to be shut on Sundays. I’ve tried twice on Sunday afternoons. Everyone deserves a break though, and I guess if the framing shop shuts they have to.

In the Spring/ Summer it’s an all round winner, though. So get to Café Art in Old Town for cake and iced coffee, safe in the knowledge that your little cherub can poop to his or her hearts content!

Swindon Town Centre Easter Activities for families. Here are just a few things to do over the school holidays within walking distance of the Swindon Town Centre… I’ll update this if I hear of more, please feel free to add to this in the comments section below as ever.

This afternoon (Tuesday April 3rd) 1-3pm Easter Party at Drove Children’s Centre. Please bring a plate of food. £1 per family, held in the Social Hall.

Update! This weekend on Easter Saturday Swindon NCT is running an Easter Egg Hunt in the Old Town Gardens from 10am to 12 noon. Entry is £1.50 per child and every child gets an egg. All the egg hunters will be entered into a draw to win a big egg too.

There will also be a colouring competition at 50p per go with prizes for winners in each age range.

Sunday April 8th Easter Fun Day in Queen’s Park, I’m afraid the poster wasn’t any more specific about times, but I will try to update this if I discover some!

Thursday April 12th, 9.30-11.30am. Easter Crafts Play and Stay Session. £1 per family. In the Social Hall at Drove Children’s Centre.


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