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Swindon NCT Nearly New Sale- March 16th, 2013.

“Doors open at 11.15am at the Oasis Leisure Centre, Swindon on Saturday 16th March.

Make sure you don’t miss this great event to get some amazing bargains!

If you are an NCT Member you will be able to gain access from 11am, you will need your membership card and also to queue in the members queue.

At our sale we sell everything from books, cuddly toys to stair gates, sterilisers, cots, moses baskets etc.

The Swindon sale is one of the biggest in the country and is very popular.”

Baby Boppers have Swindon classes at various venues across town.

J and I tried the classes at Lawn Community Centre on Friday mornings, usually run by the wonderfully energetic and enthusiastic Annie. It’s in the part of the community centre which is often the café- just so you don’t end up in the wrong room like I did!

The classes are great fun and at just a year old J first stood staring in amazement, but gradually started to join in as the class went on.

In brief: songs and rhymes which the children and grown ups can join in with are played loudly through the stereo and an enthusiastic class leader does actions etc. copied (more and more over time) by the children.

The classes are made even more exciting by the fact that each song has an accompanying goody bag from which the children come up and take a toy/ head-dress/ something else and then return them to the bag (tidying up!) at the end of each song. For example for the bunny song there are bunny ear head bands- very very cute!

We have unfortunately only been to a taster session and one other session of Baby Boppers as we’re about to move and it’s not quite worth the long journey for a half hour activity. If it weren’t for the distance we would definitely sign up long-term though.

There’s an £8 initial signing up fee, then the classes are £4 per half hour once a week which you sign up for by the term. If your child likes music, singing or dancing it’s well worth giving Baby Boppers a try.

It was clear that after her initial amazement my one year old would simply love this class and the children around the age of two who go seem to get even more out of Baby Boppers. One boy of about one who came for the taster session cried pretty much throughout so maybe he wasn’t ready for it or it just wasn’t his kind of thing. However Baby Boppers free taster session allows you to assess whether it’s for your child or not.

We loved it. More details on the Baby Boppers website.

Is it possible to buy a flattering maternity coat? I’m not having much luck…

The only flattering winter coat I’ve found so far has been the H&M maternity coat. Even in the shop it was clear that it was really badly made, with poppers coming off. Only £39 ish, but I don’t have time for sewing.

In New Look it just seems to be a selection of anoraks. Nothing wrong with that, but after a year solid of “practical” looking after baby number one I am ready to feel just a tiny bit attractive now I’ve stopped breast feeding and am no longer wearing some kind of pureed root vegetable on a daily basis. The Christmas party season is approaching afterall… I have my husband’s work do at least.

At La Redoute (as with every time I’ve ever been online and looked anything on La Redoute) their nice looking maternity coat was sold out.

I ordered a cape-like coat with a furry collar from the Top Shop maternity range which was too short. When I returned it to the Swindon store they had loads of identical coats for non-pregnant women, so something I’d ordered thinking it would be a bit different wouldn’t have been at all.

Next online had a couple of pregnancy coats which looked fairly smart, but not particularly special.

As it was my birthday my other half splashed out on what looked like a gorgeous, stylish wrap coat from Seraphine for me. When it arrived it was undoubtedly a very good quality coat, but from the front I still look really bulky. I’ve since noticed that all the pictures of the models wearing this apparently flattering maternity coat are side on, so maybe we are just all destined to look a bit dumpy and frumpy when pregnant in the winter.

The weather is meant to be freeeezing by the end of this week, so I think I’ll just keep this coat and accept defeat in my quest for the perfect winter maternity coat. I’d still love to know if anyone else has had more luck though?

NCT Swindon’s next Nearly New Sale will be held on Saturday October 13th at the Oasis Leisure Centre. It’s from 11.15-1pm (NCT members entry from 11).  Admission is £1.50 which goes to the NCT charity.

From what I’ve heard the best stuff goes VERY quickly so it’s worth getting there early and possibly joining the NCT if you’re not already a member if you’re planning to buy a lot anyway.

For more info on buying, selling or volunteering go to the NCT Website.

Swindon Baby Show is next Saturday September 8th from 10-3 at STEAM near the outlet village.

It’s £3 admission (kids free) and money raised goes to the fantastic Ruby’s Fat Cow Fund  (do take a look at the link) which goes on to four children’s cancer charities. For your £3 you also get free entry to the museum.

Stall holders include a wide range of “advice, products and services for baby, bump and beyond”. Just for example… from classes and nurseries to photography and cakes, as well as a baby market. I’ve never been but it sounds great, so I’ll be there on Saturday!

Things I'm Glad I Bought- The Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance Chair

Things I’m Glad I Bought- The Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance Chair

Things I’m glad I bought….. There are numerous essentials for babies as well as numerous extravagancies. In a few cases, though, I’ve been really glad I went for a particular brand or type of essential.

Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance Chair

J had another seat until around 6 months. We didn’t realise when we were buying things before she arrived that the majority of seats are only safe up to 6 months. In retrospect I wish we’d got this in the first place, but you live and learn….

The Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance is allegedly good up to 2 years, which makes it more than worth the extra expense (currently going from around £86.95 online- generally around the £100 mark).

There are 4 different angles at which to use the chair as your baby grows. You can just slide the baby down in to the seat, so no faffing about with straps (which were a nightmare on her last chair!). It doesn’t vibrate, it doesn’t rock but it does bounce, or rather she bounces it- which at this age at least is much more fun!

Her previous chair vibrated as we were told by friends that their baby went straight off to sleep with vibrate on. J hated vibrate. Every baby really is different.

As your baby becomes a toddler you can take away the “strap” of the Babysitter Balance and they can use it as a big boy/girl chair. It’s effectively material stretched over a frame, so the material can just be taken off and thrown in the machine. The seat can also be folded completely flat which makes it great for travelling.

For a few other things I’m glad I bought or was given see Top 5 Toys for 0-6 Months. At some point soon I’ll be singing the praises of our monitor and our nappy bin. Thrilling stuff!

Find cheap Tommee Tippee stuff in Aldi, Drove Road at the moment!

Aldi currently has packs of three small food pots with lids for 99p, packs of 6 spoons for 99p, “Roll ‘n’ Go Bibs” for £1.99, “First Cup” sippy cups for £1.29, packs of two Closer to Nature Feeding bottles for £5.99 and Thermal Travel Bag Twin Pack for £6.99.

I think possibly some of it’s from a season or two back as the designs are slightly different to things I’ve bought this year, but who cares? it’s plastic, it’s not like it’s going to go off is it?!

Thanks for the heads up on this Sarah.

Can you avoid stretch marks in pregnancy?

Morning sickness- check, varicose veins- check, other things you don’t want to know about- check. During my pregnancy with J I had most body issues associated with pregnancy- but not stretch marks.

Nearly everything I read told me stretch marks were genetic and if you’re going to get them you’re going to get them and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I thought I’d give combatting them a go, though. After advice from friends and having read lots of online reviews I religiously applied Bio Oil in the morning and Derma Mum in the evening from the first trimester.

Maybe I was genetically lucky on this one and genetically unlucky with my other pregnancy symptoms, who knows? The fact is that even though I went 12 days past my due date I didn’t get a single stretch mark. So if I had to recommend any products they would be Bio Oil and or Derma Mum.

Whether or not they work it’s a lovely (if costly) feeling rubbing cream in to your bump. I’m also using the left over Bio Oil on my face at night as a moisturizer and it’s not bad!

Picture from SlugsOn The Refrigerator’s Photostream on Flickr

Avoid Stretch Marks in Pregnancy (Possibly)

Avoid Stretch Marks in Pregnancy (Possibly)

The Oasis Swindon Toddler Splash is on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday from 10.30-midday in school term time and at the scarily early time of 9.15-10.00 in the school holidays. The session is around £4.65 for adults and the babies/ toddlers go free.

This time slot is just for babies, toddlers and their parents or carers, so no scary big children splashing around!

The wave machine goes on for a couple of short blasts during the session and there are a few floating mats etc. If you want to avoid the wave machine you can retire to the smaller Pirate Ship Pool.

As well as the family changing rooms at the Oasis there is also a plastic-ish waist height baby change in the communal changing room- well the female one, I would hope the male one too!

The water temperature at the Oasis varies as it does at any pool. When we went to the toddler splash a week or two ago the water felt colder than I’ve been used to at Dorcan, although we did get used to it after a few minutes. I would definitely recommend a wetsuit/ baby wrap if you are bringing a baby. In fact it might be a good idea for small babies at any pool.

If you’re taking your baby swimming for the first time you might find my What I’ve Learned About Taking Babies Swimming post useful- I found it slightly challenging taking J for the first time at 5 weeks my own.  Now it’s much easier and fun!

Please find here Salt Way Children’s Centre Timetable May 2012

This includes a Baby First Aid Course- open to people who are already registered with them- on the morning of May 23rd, although the creche is already full for that.


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