Can you avoid stretch marks in pregnancy?

Morning sickness- check, varicose veins- check, other things you don’t want to know about- check. During my pregnancy with J I had most body issues associated with pregnancy- but not stretch marks.

Nearly everything I read told me stretch marks were genetic and if you’re going to get them you’re going to get them and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I thought I’d give combatting them a go, though. After advice from friends and having read lots of online reviews I religiously applied Bio Oil in the morning and Derma Mum in the evening from the first trimester.

Maybe I was genetically lucky on this one and genetically unlucky with my other pregnancy symptoms, who knows? The fact is that even though I went 12 days past my due date I didn’t get a single stretch mark. So if I had to recommend any products they would be Bio Oil and or Derma Mum.

Whether or not they work it’s a lovely (if costly) feeling rubbing cream in to your bump. I’m also using the left over Bio Oil on my face at night as a moisturizer and it’s not bad!

Picture from SlugsOn The Refrigerator’s Photostream on Flickr

Avoid Stretch Marks in Pregnancy (Possibly)

Avoid Stretch Marks in Pregnancy (Possibly)

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