The Oasis Swindon Toddler Splash is on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday from 10.30-midday in school term time and at the scarily early time of 9.15-10.00 in the school holidays. The session is around £4.65 for adults and the babies/ toddlers go free.

This time slot is just for babies, toddlers and their parents or carers, so no scary big children splashing around!

The wave machine goes on for a couple of short blasts during the session and there are a few floating mats etc. If you want to avoid the wave machine you can retire to the smaller Pirate Ship Pool.

As well as the family changing rooms at the Oasis there is also a plastic-ish waist height baby change in the communal changing room- well the female one, I would hope the male one too!

The water temperature at the Oasis varies as it does at any pool. When we went to the toddler splash a week or two ago the water felt colder than I’ve been used to at Dorcan, although we did get used to it after a few minutes. I would definitely recommend a wetsuit/ baby wrap if you are bringing a baby. In fact it might be a good idea for small babies at any pool.

If you’re taking your baby swimming for the first time you might find my What I’ve Learned About Taking Babies Swimming post useful- I found it slightly challenging taking J for the first time at 5 weeks my own.  Now it’s much easier and fun!

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