The National Trust Cafe, Swindon

The National Trust Cafe, Swindon

The National Trust Café near the Outlet Village in Swindon has been a weekly meeting place for my NCT group since we were pregnant.

Originally nominated because one of us worked at the National Trust and wasn’t on maternity leave yet, it’s turned out to be a great place to bring babies.

The café is massive, with plenty of space for buggies. There’s a disabled toilet with baby change, a bottle warmer, microwave and notices saying that the café is breastfeeding friendly.

Long tables, small ones and a couple with sofas and armchairs are available. The only negative thing I have to say is that when the sun’s out the café gets very warm. This is easily solved by wearing a summer top as part of your ensemble!

We’ll be moving to the outdoor tables soon anyway. Hopefully.

The staff are lovely and often offer to carry your tray if you’re struggling with a buggy. Ask if they have one of their loyalty cards which you can collect stamps on if you intend to be a regular.

I think a few proper meals are served at lunchtime as it’s the National Trust Staff Café. We’re always there in the afternoon when they have an excellent selection of cakes (including gluten-free ones). Great for that pregnant/ breastfeeding sweet tooth!

The stone tiled floor and the fact that it is also a work place canteen where people may want to, well, work, mean that the National Trust Cafe will become less suitable as our babies become toddlers. So we’re enjoying it while we can!

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