Anbesol! Where in Swindon are you?

Anbesol! Where in Swindon are you?

Anbesol liquid for teething appears to be sold out in Swindon. I’ve tried Boots, Superdrug and Sainsbury’s in town as well as Boots Greenbridge, the big Tesco and Sainsbury’s at Bridgemead and Stratton.

It was a helpful lady at the latter Sainsbury’s who explained that the company who used to make it have gone bust and the new company don’t have a licence to make it yet or something similar. Meanwhile a nation of babies wail in pain or continue to be drugged up with Calpol by their parents.

I was told by a health visitor after J’s birth that Ashton and Parsons powder was the only thing that worked but it wasn’t being made any more. Lately lots of people have recommended Anbesol to me but that’s now unavailable. Before J’s teething got bad last week Dentinox helped, Bonjella did nothing for us. For the last week my boob, Calpol and the Rockbye Baby! magic Smashing Pumpkins CD have got us through, but I don’t want to keep giving her Calpol.

The purpose of this post was to prevent others from wasting their time looking for Anbesol, but if anyone finds some, or knows of something a good alternative please let me know!

Update! It’s worth continuing to look in smaller chemists- I found some in the Lloyds Pharmacy on Victoria Road. Last time I was there the week before last there was one bottle left. While I was tempted to buy out their stock I thought I should leave some for other desperate parents! For the record it does seem to be much more effective than any teething gel we’ve tried.

Update 26/10/2012

I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, but I’ve been told by a friend that Anbesol is being made again and is available at Boots now and presumably everywhere else. Great news!!!

Picture from bbaunach’s photo stream on Flickr