Café Art is one of the most baby friendly places I’ve been in Swindon, in spite of the fact that it has no baby change.

As the weather warms up (with what I hope will be the exception of this week!) the lack of baby change becomes less of a problem given that the public baby change across the street will become more useable.

I am probably preaching to the converted to some extent, but if you haven’t yet discovered it, this Old Town Café is great for parents with non-walking babies for a number of reasons.

Although it’s occasionally very busy when I go there (mornings seem to be busier) mid to late afternoon it is often quiet, meaning you get a choice of seating. Much of this is sofas with space next to them for buggies.

The staff are very friendly and understanding and have helped to create space for us in the past. So far other customers have also been thrilled to be eyeballed, then smiled at by the babies too.

It seems fairly uniform for pregnant and breastfeeding women to have a sweet tooth. Café Art does excellently on the cake front. There’s always a great variety to choose from and they sometimes have little taster bits up on the counter.  Another bonus for the summer is a selection of iced coffees for those of us allowed a bit more caffeine again now.

There’s so much for curious little eyes to take in. The massive windows look out on to Victoria Road including a bus stop. J is happy staring out of them for ages, smiling at people waiting for buses and just watching the big wide world go by. They also have lights which seem to fascinate babies- those ones actually IN the ceiling.

Finally there’s the actual “Art” of Café Art. The premises are shared with a framing business and the café is filled with a variety of styles of picture. It’s mainly modern, fairly commercial stuff.

In colder weather the lack of baby change really is a shame, but it didn’t stop me being a fairly regular visitor all autumn/ winter. I wouldn’t even consider trying to change the baby in one of those tiny cubicles, but my friend did manage it on Monday!

The only other downer is that they seem to be shut on Sundays. I’ve tried twice on Sunday afternoons. Everyone deserves a break though, and I guess if the framing shop shuts they have to.

In the Spring/ Summer it’s an all round winner, though. So get to Café Art in Old Town for cake and iced coffee, safe in the knowledge that your little cherub can poop to his or her hearts content!