Convenient Conveniences

Convenient Conveniences

Today I discovered a babychange table in the public toilets near the traffic lights at the top of Victoria Road, Old Town.

These loos are actually in really good condition for public toilets- possibly because they don’t get used that much, I’ve never seen anyone else in there on the few occasions I’ve been in there. The changing table was as clean today as the majority of changing tables in cafes and restaurants.

I wouldn’t fancy using it in the winter unless these toilets have surprisingly good heating! Now-ish it’s fine, though. If you’re walking past or in a cafe which doesn’t have anywhere to change a baby, like the wonderful Cafe Art across the road (which I’ll praise in more detail another time) this could be handy.

The disabled loo was locked, so if you need the loo yourself when you’re with the buggy it will be a “do it as quickly as possible in the end cubicle with the door open and the buggy pulled in” job.

The baby change I saw was in the Ladies. In the interests of equality I would hope there’s also one in the Gents!

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